Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm here to stay..

Thy shackles I will break one day,
It is not me who is made of clay..
I am no puppet in your play..
And hear what I say..right here what i say..
You will be gone...and I'm here to stay!!

The follower...

Everyday he prayed,
with his closed eyes...
One day he didn't;
He opened his eyes...

He saw a ray of light,
Wide open blue skies...
Opened his mind;
Truth did he find?

Was he late indeed,
to find his own grace.
or blindness did he need,
To keep him in his place.

This time he was not afraid;
Though Brightness blinded him the same;
Just before the priest said,
"Hallowed be thy name"

Thursday, April 30, 2009

One day....

One day I shall be gone..
I shall disappear..
Disappear for good..

One day you will be alone..
You will remember..
Remember for what you should..

One day you shall weep...
maybe weep forever..
forever for what you could..

One day I shall be gone..
Beyond the horizon and the stars..
Stars..away from you..

One day you will regret..
Not turning to someone..
Someone waiting for you...

One day I will break away...
shackles of emotions...
emotions never true...

One day I shall appear
only in memories,
memories piercing through..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Same ol' Poem!

Different words and different names..
but Why do all my poems sound the same..

Different lives different people,
Complicated! though I keep it simple.
I learn to rise, I'm ready to fall,
In the end , I loose it all....

Different rules, different games,
but still all my poems sound the same..

I decide to change myself,
get myself out of the shelf
I learn to live a different life,
I learn to balance on the edge of a knife.
Put my feet on a burning flame,
but still my poems sound the same..

Different choices, same decisions
Different paths but the same destination..
Different notes but the same symphony,
Different roads but same destiny.

Different arrows, but the same aim,
Now I know why, my poems sound the same!!

Tired of fighting ..
Tired of writing..
Letting life pass by, leaving me behind,
Waiting for something new to come to my mind.
I ain't gonna loose, put myself to shame,
Gonna write a new poem, before the end of the game!

I am Time

I am time,
I go on forever,
neither slow nor any faster

I am time,
I see everything,
Past, present,
and the future..

I am time,
I don't stop,
you can know,

by the ticking of the clock..

I am time,
no one goes past me,
I am the greatest,
I am the fastest

I am time,
No one foresees,
what I bring with me.

I am time,
I am the healer of any wound
but don't you dare challenge me,
I can turn your life around..

I am time,
beyond me you cannot see.
I am not bounded..
I am free....

I am time,
you regret loosing the right of me,
and you lament being in the wrong of me..

Everyone's story

The moment of silence,
the moment of truth,
she turns to you..and says
"forever, we'll always be friends"

hasn't this happened also with you?
isn't this story of everyone true?
the same ol' plot, the same ol' scene
the same ol' movie, the same ol' screen...

So you move on..
to a far away place..
wondering if she misses you...
or is it someone else...

A cruel game..
life plays on you..
just as you learn to survive..
the entire world is new...

Some say..
You don't get what you want...
but life gives...
only that you need...

So tell me..
If you don't need someone..
why do you miss them so..
time slows down when you are alone..
and how do all these emotions flow?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cacophonous Silence

The pinching silence in my ear,
Piercing through all my fear.
Empty notes on the octaves last,
distort the air as they fade out fast.

And this is how the melody goes,
Before the notes in the solo froze.
As the beat stopped with the symphony,
with the silent notes of cacophony.

Fierce wind and flowing sand,
standing still on moving land.
violent sea and silent shore,
Raging lava from earth's core.

And this is how the melody goes,
Before the notes in the solo froze.
As the beat stopped with the symphony,
with the silent notes of cacophony.

Chromatic silence
and white noise,
cacophonous essence,

of a silent voice.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hypocrisy in Human Optimism

Human Being, being the most hypocritical being on this planet is pretentious in all places of life he can ever be. He thinks he is the strongest of all. Deep inside he knows this utmost powerful brain makes him the weakest and most susceptible being.

He, being so "smart" has a threat from his own kind. He calls himself a social animal, but I guess that means social wild animals, which kill each other.

The great human discovered potential; somewhere other than himself (he finally came over the pretence of himself being omnipotent). That potential bearing element was called an electron and was proclaimed negative. (It hurt his ego too much)

The absence of this potential was called positive charge. This really shows the negativity in human thinking. He went beyond that and had a convention defined which was opposite to the flow of this charge.

But, even after all this he kept singing praises of optimism, as though he knew what is was. He thought he could dub anyone as positive and negative as per his stupid methods of ‘half filled glasses’. He never thought that a half empty glass had 50% potential of being filled. Anyways this was the most his half empty brain could think of.

Well then again, me, this human, thinks he can really get over these dogmas stuffed into the human mind. So me; I proved myself to be a stupid human to comment on the mind of the "worlds most intelligent and powerful creature".

What kind of ‘half full’ mind made me think I can really prove wrong “THE GREAT HUMAN”?


The Human…

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Criminals Poem

A Criminals Poem

Yes, I am a criminal at the hands of fate,
I have to repay them before it’s too late,

I owe you everything, where do I start,
But I repaid you, with a knife in your heart.

I opened my eyes, hopes the sun would shine,
But the heart that I stabbed was also mine.

She does call me Mr. Wrong,
But I know that she was always right,
This night without her may seem long,
But without her, I have to fight…

I did not want her to sing to their tune,
I have to settle being a Soldier of fortune.

No, I cannot refrain from writing these things,
Just for the reason that Pigs don’t have wings,

Yes, I still do believe in positive thinking,
But a man is dead when his eyes aren’t blinking.

Nobody likes to see a ship sink,
Cause words are not be written in white ink,

I look at the sky with nothing to say,
My vision occluded by clouds so gray,

Wounded by soul on the dry earth lay,
Nothing more left, and for you I pray.

Blinded by tears, you may never see,
The spears of fate, buried into me….

Monday, November 14, 2005


Hey guys,
Sorry for all that monotonous stuff.....Will be turning to a new leaf...gonna start something new...
But....Its very difficult to write 'happy' things... Cause I am too selfish to share happiness..
:D.....But as i said...I m trying to write different things....May sound synthetic in the begining....but.....perfection is always a distant place to be....But you can always see it on the horizon....So......expect some different stuff....(but dont expect it to be to much..."happy and POP" types....I m trying a more spiritual approach.....Please keep your comments comming...they not only help me to write better....but teach me to be a better person than yesterday... As writing in not my profession.... I an amatuer is not disheartened by harsh comments....but ilearn from them :D